Congratulations Clark Crew BBQ, the 2015 KCBS Team of the Year!

Clark Crew BBQ is an Oklahoma-based team out of Yukon, Oklahoma but we proudly showcase our Southwest Kansas roots in our KC Barbeque style. Since 2014, we have won 26 Grand Championships, 12 Reserve Grand Championships, and consistently place in the top ten. We have won numerous 180 and 700 pins all while cooking on some of the biggest stages against some of the best teams in the country. Clark Crew BBQ consists of Travis and Kimberly Clark and their four amazing children Jennifer, Madison, Brooklyn, and Cooper (Coopdog).

We are very proud of our accomplishments, but all of that is second behind the friends and great people we have met along the way. Barbeque has taken us to places we never could have been and it's been amazing. We look forward to continue competing in barbeque and meeting more friends along the way. We hope you take the time to look our website over, consider taking one of our classes, and follow us on Facebook for updated results and pictures. Please contact us if there is anything we can ever do for you!